Inflammation and sports injury – the link

Do not, for one moment, underestimate the hazardous nature of gardening. It is a jungle out there! Repetitive strain injuries or a fall can bring an unexpected stop to a favourite activity and put a pottering gardener in bed next to the professional athlete.

Sports injuries can be acute or chronic and involve the interconnected bits of the musculoskeletal system. This system includes the connections between bones, muscles ligaments and tendons. 

Acute sports injuries refer to sudden damage such as a twisted ankle, dislocation or a hamstring strain.
Chronic sports injuries occur over a period of time of doing repetitive actions, often with poor preparation of the body. Examples include the tennis elbow which befalls forearm users such as painters and plumbers and tendinitis, the inflammation of a tendon which afflicts gardeners, tennis players and musicians 

The symptoms of sports injury always include inflammation – the immune system’s natural response to damaged or infected cells. The five physical signs of acute inflammation are heat, pain, redness, swelling and loss of function.
Acute inflammation occurs in the first week after the injury and is actually beneficial to the healing and cell repair process. However, the necessary action of inflammation may be inhibited by anti-inflammatory painkillers.
Often, the use of pain medications may mask the pain (pain limits the body’s movement in order for it to heal) but may also target inflammation. Thus hindering a required biological process that contributes to healing. 

Inflammation continuing up to six weeks after injury may be termed chronic inflammation.
It is now clear that inflammation is a double-edged sword (or pruning scissors).
While the inflammation response is required for repairing injured tissue, chronic inflammation damages tissues over time and can lead to cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and some types of cancers.

Inflammation should be regulated through natural supplements such as AltWELL Sports Injury. This sports injury supplement containing collagen, creatine, curcumin, Boswelia cerrata and MSM may lead to faster and more comprehensive healing, especially in post-operative recovery.

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